Dog Boarding cheltenham

We open our home to well behaved dogs for their holidays! Whilst you are away, whether it be business trips or your annual holiday, you can be rest assured that your dogs will also be having a lovely time here with us. and we dont spare the dog walking neither.

Dog boarding cheltenham holidays includes full waitress service at meal times, all dietary and medicinal needs catered for and a very secure garden to play in that is fully equipped with many,many toys. They also get daily excursions out to the Cotswold Hills with their friends. When they are tired out from playtime, they then have a large, airy room, with a ceiling fan to sleep in.

We are THE best option if you need to leave your dog/s for a 24 hour period or more. We offer boarding to all of our regular customers for adhoc nights, long weekends and long holiday periods. They get all of the fun of the Dog Day Care service plus more! Once all the day care dogs have been collected, it is dinner and snuggle time. All of our boarding dogs are invited onto our laps and sofas for hugs, love and TV time. At bedtime, they sleep with our own 4 dogs in our dog room with very comfortable bedding in our home. They are directly underneath our own bedroom. NO KENNELS HERE!

 What more could your dog want??

 Oh yes….cuddles! Cuddles are readily given in our home and our own dogs make our guests very welcome.

 Just please dont rip up “Moo-Cow” . That’s Abby’s favourite toy and we don’t want tears before bedtime!!

£25 per dog per day and night

£40 for 2 dogs from same household