Doggy Day Care Cheltenham:

Our Doggy Day Care, Cheltenham is provided for dogs that benefit from all day stimulation, care and attention. If you work very long hours, have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety if left for more than an hour or is very young, our Doggy Day Care is a fantastic service, giving you peace of mind from the moment you leave for work until you return.

How Doggy Day Care Works:

We offer a personal collection and drop home service and welcome you to an initial meeting here at Scamp Camp HQ, the home of Doggy Day Care in Cheltenham.

Kev collects your dog from your home in Cheltenham between 9am and 9.45am.
During their day they have garden play time, a big hill walk, lunch (if required), scheduled ‘down time’ in the afternoon and lots of play and cuddles. Kev will then take all the Doggy Day Care dogs back to Cheltenham, between 5.45pm and 6.30pm. More precise Pick up and Drop off times are dependant on your location in Cheltenham and who we have booked in that day.
We often see many a pup falling asleep in their mum’s arms at their door at the end of their school day and get pictures sent to us later that evening of contently tired dogs with thank you messages from Mum or Dad!

Scamp Camp HQ:

Our Doggy Day Care service is in our home, not in a field or a barn. It is cosy, warm and cuddly. The garden is large and secure, with both a grass play area, and a dog run area for the wet days. We also have a dedicated spacious Doggy Day Care Dormitory, where the scamps can relax or take a nap after some serious play up in the hills.

Because this is a family run business, all hands are on deck, and our son Bailey just loves to play in the garden with the dogs, help with training and feeding. He is learning young and always well supervised by Sheryl or Kev.

You are invited to our home with your dog so that you can see exactly how it works, meet our own gang and discuss your dogs requirements. This is also a fab time for us to assess how your dog interacts with our very well socialised pack and how they may handle a new situation.

Stay and Play All Day Prices:

£20 per dog per day
£30 for 2 dogs from same household